2019 Northern Classic


It's The Classic!!

The Northern Classic.  The first opportunity for older high school players to join the younger teams for the second tournament in our summer series.  Established in 2008 and run by local people who know the local area, the Northern Classic offers 10U, 12U, 14U and 16U divisions.  

2018 Northern Classic

2018 Northern Classic Recap


Drillers Capture 10U Title!! Eagles Fly High In 12U!!  Newcomers Niles Nitro Mop Up In 14U!!  Young Elite Team Cream Of The 16U Crop!!

Wow, were there some good softball players in town for the 2018 Northern Classic!  Home runs were flying out of ballparks in Traverse City so fast that the local sporting goods store experienced a run on replacement softballs.  Tim Weber's 12U Diamonds team hit three in one game!  Westside Softball's girls hit a few in 16U, as did players from the MBS Jets.  And word traveled fast about a rocket launch from a 14U Niles Nitro player that cleared the 230-foot fence at Traverse City West.

For those who prefer pitching and defense, there was plenty of that to see, also.  William Sebald's 16U MBS Jets collectively made play after remarkable defensive play, especially the Jets shortstop.  A few girls were hitting 60 mph from the pitching circle in the 16U division.  Overall, it was a great weekend of highly entertaining softball in Traverse City.

The tournament winners?  Lots of variety there, too.  In the 10U group, the Mt. Pleasant Drillers knocked off the 231 Fusion in the championship final.  In 12U, Bob Swierkos' Hartland-based Eagles team edged the Gaylord-based Sandlot Slammers, 3-0, to win the Northern Classic title.  The Drillers defeated Alpena's Thundercats to win the 12U consolation bracket.

In the 14U group, Rich Johnson's Niles Nitro team slipped by the 231 Fusion Fastpitch squad, 5-4, in the nailbiting title game.  For the Fusion, it was the second straight weekend in which they reached the championship final.  Mark Young's Niles Nitro squad captured the consolation bracket title with a win over the Northwest Wild.

And in 16U--perhaps the most exciting division of all--the young Elite 15U team edged the MBS Jets, 9-8, to win that organization's second Northern Classic title (the Elite 10U squad captured the crown last year).  Earlier, the Jets rallied in the bottom of the last inning of the semifinals to defeat the 231 Fusion, 7-6, and advance to the title game.

Congratulations to all of the 2018 Northern Classic title winners, and THANK YOU to all of the teams that participated this year! 

All Tournament Team


 Congratulations to all of the players that made the All-Tournament team!

  10U Division
Ava Rospierski-Alpena Thundercats

Paige Samp-Alpena Thundercats

Ashlyn Cummings-TC Waves

Anika Peterson-TC Waves

Zoe Plunkett-Eagles Fastpitch

Morgan Piotrovsky-Eagles Fastpitch

12U Division 

Vanessa Diaz-Pinckney Pirates

Lauren Boivin-Pinckney Pirates

Aliah Diehl-Northwest Wild

Kalee Gelakoskey-Northwest Wild

Lydia Heymes-231 Fusion 12U

Peyton Metz-231 Fusion 12U

Olivia Mikowski-231 Fusion 12U

Maraya Buell-TC Thunder 12U

Kelsey Quiggin-TC Thunder 12U

Harley Bear-Diamonds

Grace Siekman-Diamonds

Ellen Roggenbeck-TC Waves 12U

Abby LIdstrom-TC Waves 12U

Rylea Beamish-TC Waves 12U  

14U Division 

McKenna Salley-Monroe Lady Titans

Harley Lambert-Monroe Lady Titans

Gabby Buehrer-Monroe Lady Titans
Maggie Thiel-MBS Jets Black

Kindra Winters-MBS Jets Black

McKenna Gilde-Cadillac Express

Ashlyn Lundquist-Cadillac Express

Sierra Carpenter-Niles Nitro - Johnson

Haley Scott-Niles Nitro - Johnson

Olivia Elliott-Niles Nitro - Johnson

Sadie Sheipline-Niles Nitro - Johnson

Kaci Sowers-231 Fusion

Ava Tiesworth-231 Fusion

Sophie Wisniski-231 Fusion

Addy Witkowski-231 Fusion

Sophia Pavese-Niles Nitro - Young

Taylor Young-Niles Nitro - Young

Madison Wilkinson-Moran Iron Works Vulcans Black

Jaime Burke-Moran Iron Works Vulcans BlackAudrey Benedict-TC Thunder 13U

Alice Blanchard-TC Thunder 13U

Kiersten Ihrke-Oxford Wildcats

Maria Raab-Oxford Wildcats

Hadley Goodell-Blitz Fastpitch

Nicole Rodammer-Blitz Fastpitch

Aliah Diehl-Northwest Wild

Kalee Gelakoskey-Northwest Wild

Autumn Kimsel-Alpena Thundercats

Elysa Kelley-Alpena Thundercats

16U Division 

Kam Myers-Quad City Storm

Maddie Morgan-Quad City Storm

Kiaya Withey-Central Michigan Edge

Alaina Boulieux-Central Michigan Edge

Kaitlyn Schaub-Northwest Wild

Alexandra Kirt-Northwest Wild

Lily Briggs-231 Fusion

Aubrey Haddix-231 Fusion

Additional All-Tournament
Selections (No Team Or 
Age Group Indicated) 

Emilee Curtis

Bree Harris

Katie Marsik

Maddy Thompson 

Camryn Craig 

Daisie Brewer 

Delana Kirt  

Northern Classic Champions


Above, the 2016 16U Division champions, TC Thunder

Check out the teams that have hoisted the Northern Classic Championship Trophy.


10U Division-Mt. Pleasant Drillers

12U Division-Eagles Fastpitch

14U Division-Niles Nitro - Johnson

16U Division-Elite 15U


10U Division-Elite 10U

12U Division-231 Fusion Fastpitch

14U Division-231 Fusion Fastpitch

16U Division-Jenison Wildcat Pride


10U Division-Hudsonville Havoc

12U Division-Hudsonville Havoc 

14U Division-Ogemaw Outlaws

16U Division-TC Thunder 16U  

10U Division-Ogemaw Outlaws

12U Division-Mid-Michigan Lightning Blue

14U Division-Morgan's Fastpitch

16U Division-Mid-Michigan Heat 


10U Division-Batbusters

12U Division-Mid-Michigan Heat

14U Division-Mid-Michigan Heat

16U Division-Mid-Michigan Heat 


 12U Division-Lakeshore Storm Blue

14U Division-Queens of Diamonds

16U Division-Northern Storm


 12U Division-Alpena Thundercats

14U Division-West Michigan Bandits

16U Division-Thunderbirds  


12U Division-Petoskey Blaze

14U Division-Petoskey Blaze

16U Division-Alpena Thundercats


 12U Division-Traverse City Waves  Gold

14U Division-Mid-Michigan Firestix

 16U Division-Mid-Michigan Firestix 


 12U Division-MBS Jets Yellow

14U Division-Moran Iron Works Vulcans  


 12U Division-Moran Iron Works Vulcans

14U Division-Tawas Waves 

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