2019 Cherry Capital Showdown


The Cherry Capital Showdown

 Join the fun in 2019 by bringing your team to the Cherry Capital Showdown June 21-23, 2019.  The summer fun season in Traverse City is kicking into high gear on this weekend.  The weather is usually warm, most of the snow is gone (kidding....I hope!) and there is a LOT to do and see in Traverse City and the surrounding area.  It's a great way to combine a mini-vacation with a quality tournament in Traverse City.  Our tournaments are run locally by people who live in, and know, Traverse City!  Scroll down the page to register your team online....

Register For the 2019 Cherry Capital Showdown

Register For The 2019 Cherry Capital Showdown

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Cherry Capital Showdown Tournament Details


  • June 21 - 23, 2019
  • 10U, 12U, 14U and 16U Age Groups
  • Four-game guarantee
  • $425 entry fee
  • Individual medals for first and second place teams in championship and consolation brackets (if consolation bracket is offered).  Team trophy for tournament champion
  • Game MVP ribbons for each team, each game
  • All-Tournament team
  • MHSAA-registered umpires
  • A locally run tournament in its seventh year
  • A great opportunity for teams to combine a summer vacation in Traverse City with one of our most popular tournaments!

Traverse City, Michigan, United States

Pay Your Team Entry Fee

Your team entry fee can be paid either by check or by credit card.  If paying by check, please make your check payable to "Traverse City Waves" and send it to 2644 W. Crown Dr., Traverse City, MI  49685.  If paying by credit card, please click on the blue PayPal button below.  Thank you!

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

2018 Cherry Capital Showdown

2018 Cherry Capital Showdown Recap


 It's Fusion Times Three As 14U Breaks Through!  Elite 10U Edges The Pride In Thriller!!

"Everything that happens once can never happen again.  But everything that happens twice will surely happen a third time." -- Brazilian novelist and lyricist Paulo Coelho.

...Not in the case of the 231 Fusion Fastpitch 14U team!  The Fusion, runners up in two--TWO!--Traverse City Summer Series tournaments this year, broke through and proved Mr. Coelho wrong.  What happened twice definitely did not happen a third time.  The Fusion captured the Cherry Capital Showdown 14U crown with a 5-1 victory over an excellent Intruders 14U team.  The Intruders, a 5-seed going into bracket play, and the Fusion, a 4-seed, both caught fire and mowed through the 14U championship bracket before meeting up in a well-played title game.  Congratulations to both teams!

Although fields that were underwater and unplayable forced cancellation of the 12U and 16U Sunday games, Mike Garver's 12U Fusion team earned a tournament title based on their #1 ranking following pool play.  John Haddix's Fusion squad and Angie Behling's Lady Lakers team captured a co-championship based on their 3-and-0 pool play record while allowing only five runs each.

In the 10U division, Elite 10U held off a hard-charging Inter-Lakes Pride team, 6-5, to capture a tournament title for the second week in a row for the Elite organization.  The 15U Elite squad earned a Northern Classic title the week before.  Great job, 10U ladies, on your work this weekend! 

All Tournament Team


Congratulations to all of the players who made the Cherry Capital Showdown All Tournament Team!

 10U Division

 Bella Richey-TC Waves

Audrey Williams-TC Waves

Claire Galatis-Livonia Wild Green

Skylar Brodie-Livonia Wild Green

Gretchen Weiland-Moran Iron Works Vulcans

Riley Tracy-Moran Iron Works Vulcans

Hannah White-Ogemaw Outlaws 10U

Somer Sappington-Ogemaw Outlaws 10U

Alli Wright-Elite 10U

Madi Ludema-Elite 10U

Izzy Rogers-Inter-Lakes Pride

Audrey Kippola-Inter-Lakes Pride

Ava Domzalski-Inter-Lakes Pride

Charlie Lambert-Inter-Lakes Pride  

12U Division 

Janie Sulecki-231 Fusion

Reagann Merchant-231 Fusion

Taylor Noble-231 Fusion

Jorja Fox-Ogemaw Outlaws

Maleah Rachow-Ogemaw Outlaws

McKenna Moore-Livonia Wild White

Claire Rogan-Livonia Wild White

Kaitlyn Ratich-Venom 12U

Madelyn Armstead-Venom 12U

Karlee Sanor-Venom 12U 


14U Division 

Maddie Findlay-Ogemaw Outlaws

Tatum Neubecker-Ogemaw Outlaws

Karly Roelofs-TC Thunder 13U

Catelyn Heethuis-TC Thunder 13U

Renae Young-Freedom Fastpitch

Emma Weiss-Freedom Fastpitch

Paige Postma-Petoskey Blaze White

Rhyen Olson-Petoskey Blaze White

Allison Urlaub-Alpena Thundercats

Ashlynn Bloom-Alpena Thundercats

Madelyn Sandison-Petoskey Blaze Blue

Brooke Bixby-Petoskey Blaze Blue

Alana Hoffert-Cadillac Express

Autumn Sackett-Cadillac Express

Alexis Cain-231 Fusion

Kaci Sowers-231 Fusion

Addy Witkowski-231 Fusion

Sophie Wisniski-231 Fusion

Kaitlyn Rutter-Lady Lightning

Ella Corson-Lady Lightning  

16U Division 

Kendi Richardson-Hangtuf 16U

Jessica Eva-Hangtuf 16U

Elle Conlen-NFWB Impact

Sydney Gordon-NFWB Impact

Lexi Hamstra-231 Fusion

Jaime Potter-231 Fusion

Ally Pohlad-231 Fusion 

Cherry Capital Showdown Champions


Six years of champions....will your team be the next to hoist the Cherry Capital Showdown hardware?


 10U - Elite 10U

12U - 231 Fusion Fastpitch

14U - 231 Fusion Fastpitch

16U - Lady Lakers and 231 Fusion Fastpitch (co-champs)

 10U - Michigan Expos 

12U - Garden City Gators 

14U - Michigan Nationals Stars 

16U - Grand Rapids Blaze Red  


10U - Turnin' 2
12U - Diamonds
 14U - 231 Fusion
 16U - Morgan's Fastpitch


10U -  Eagles Fastpitch 

12U -  Eagles Fastpitch 

12U -  Eagles Fastpitch  - ue 

16U - Great Lakes UNITED  


12U - TC Cherry Bombs

14U - Traverse City Thunder Red

16U - Traverse City Waves  


12U - Moran Iron Works Vulcans

14U - Sabercats Royal

16U - Oakland Edge 

Call Jim Frizzell at Farmers!!


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Stay at the Great Wolf Lodge!


 Thank you to the Great Wolf Lodge for  sponsoring the 2018 Waves Summer Softball Series!  Visiting teams:  Call 231-534-9074 to reserve rooms for the tournament weekends.